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How to prepare and what to bring with you on the college tour.

Pre-Departure Check List


HAVE YOU? . . .

 Turned in your Parental / Guardian Consent form

· Turned in your completed medical consent form?

· Remembered to pack lightly?

· Organized your daily budget?

· Left your valuables at home?

 Read the Code of Conduct


CHECK LIST.  (Please only check the block that pertains to your tour.



¨ Sweater and jacket

¨ Back pack

¨ Shirts and tops

¨ Jeans or slacks

¨ Bathrobe and pajamas

¨ Undergarments

¨ Watch

¨ Comfortable walking shoes

¨ Toiletries

¨  Notepad.


All one day tours will only require comfortable walking shoes and attire, we ask that you dress yourself in proper attire