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 Carolina College / Volunteer Agreement



I, ___________________________________________ agree that as a volunteer, it is my job to

                        (Volunteer’s name)

Support the mission and purposes of the organization. 


1.      I agree to contribute ______ hours of volunteer work per __________ in the placement described below, beginning no later than______________________.


2.      My specific tasks will include:





3.      I will report to:  _____________________________________________________________

(Name of supervisor)



Supervisor’s Phone Number__________________________



4.      I will comply with the organization’s rules set fourth by the supervisor.  I will serve in a professional manner.


5.      I will be on time, and will call the supervisor if I cannot attend.


6.      I will abide with policies of the agency, especially with regard to confidentiality.


7.      The work I will do should be worthwhile and challenging.  I can expect clear instruction, and an appropriate level of supervision.



On behalf of Carolina College Tours, I agree to:



1.      Provide orientation and necessary training to the volunteer, stating clearly the goals of the organization and the needs of the populations served.


2.      Make the best use of the volunteer’s time and skills.


3.      Provide on-going support and direction, as appropriate, to the volunteer.




4.      Thank all volunteers in our organization’s newsletter and annual report.



Together, we agree that the above named volunteer will serve in the above named placement, beginning _________________________ and ending (not necessary to set completion date)____________________, on the following day(s) during the week/weekend_________________ at the specific time(s) named________________________ or on an intermittent schedule.



Volunteer Signature_____________________________________Date_____________________


Placement Supervisor Signature___________________________ Date_____________________