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1) How much does it cost to go on a tour?

The cost to students is absolutely free, we want to make sure that all students that go through the application process and demonstrate a genuine interest in visiting the colleges get the chance to go without worrying about money.


2) What colleges do you tour?

We go to all colleges in the state of North Carolina whether it be a 4-year University, Community college, or trade school. Check out the upcoming tours box on the right hand side of the page.


3) Who can participate in your college tours?

Any high school student from 9th - 12th grade in North Carolina.


4) What does the activity entail?

Each student must submit an application and essay. After the essay has been viewed by our judges than the student will receive, their award letter and documents for release of information. Once all the paper work has been received, Carolina College Tours will notify the student about the next upcoming campus tour.


5) Who conducts the activity?

The activities are conducted by the Board of Directors, Program Director and approved community volunteers.

6) How significant is the activity in relation to your total activities?

The college campus tour will allow the student to view a college campus and to learn of the different levels of education.


7) How are you funded?

We accept donations from gracious individuals and organizations. We also raise money through the sales of merchandise such as hats & shirts. We will also raffle off items that you can purchase raffle tickets for.

You can learn more about donating here.

We accept donated items like vehicle and boats and other items to auction them off though EBay’s non-profit’s division called