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How tour day works



The night before you take your college campus tour, we ask that you get plenty of rest because you will have a long day and here is a small break down on how it may go.


  1. You will get up early in the morning and either turn off the alarm clock or run one of your family members out of your home because they woke you up that early.


  1. Prep your self for the day by brushing teeth, styling hair, and locating my favorite belt to make sure I don’t have (pants on the ground).


  1. Send your friends a text, or face book, MySpace, twitter, or yell out of your back door and inform them that you are going on a college campus tour and that you will send them pictures with your cell phone showing all the educational opportunity you are going to see.


  1. Meet at the designated location that was assigned for you campus tour.


  1. Eat breakfast that will be provided by Carolina College Tours.


  1. First stop with be at the admissions office to meet with our counselor to find out all the opportunity that college has to offer and than tour the campus.


  1. Board the bus for lunch ( provided by Carolina College Tours )


  1. After lunch we will   meet with our second college counselor the admission office and do our campus tour.


  1. Carolina College Tours loves to leave room for entertainment , so we leave the end of the day as a surprise


  1. After along and rewarding day, we will return home with pamphlets and brochures about different educational opportunity and stories of the new friends that we made while being on the tour.