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Hi, my name is Thomas Tipps and I am the founder & Executive Director of Carolina College Tours, which is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization established to provide free college tours to students from 9th thru 12th grades at no cost that would not be able to visit college otherwise. Some of the students have never embraced the idea of attending college due to numerous reasons such as: no transportation, no money, or they are just not sure of what they want to do after High School.


Carolina College Tours will also assist with acquiring literature from college, universities or technical school of their interest. With your help we plan to assist in identifying and procuring for the startup of a college career for the students and  kick off tours to large and small campuses .


Now Carolina College Tours is on the map and rolling. Simply stated, we need donations.  We are painfully aware of the economic pinch everyone is experiencing on so many levels; but this is not the time to abandon our youth. We need your help.  Our documents are available at your request for viewing. I will be honored to speak with you personally to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


We know that beautiful things have blossomed from just one seed and that is why we are asking you to be apart of this educational harvest.  Please plant your seed for our student’s educational future

I trust that you will find Carolina College Tours worthy and that you will support us with your tax deductible donation.

There are 4 levels of suggested donations:

1. The Deans list, a donation of $100 dollars or more

2. The A-list, a donation of $75 dollars or more

3. The B-list a donation of $50 dollars or more

4. The C-list a donation of $25 dollars or more


We have partnered with Ebay's Giving Works program that allows us to earn additional revenue, for more information please click here.


If you would rather make a donation by check or money order you may do so.


Make Check or Money orders payable to:


Carolina College Tours

P.O box 1206

Conover, NC 28613


Thank you kindly for your time and support